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TriCounty Remodeling Pros LLC was established in 2017 and is a family-owned and operated small business based in Loxahatchee, Florida. Parents of three, Ben and Emily decided to start their own company when they realized the great potential that they had as a husband and wife duo in the home remodeling industry.  


As a child Emily was always drawn to home remodeling and design tv shows. As an adolescent she was always drawing sketches and floor plans for imaginary homes she dreamed of one day designing.  She decided to get a college education in business administration to learn everything she could about starting her own business. A few years later she met Ben and she paused her career as they started a family and started building roots in Florida. As soon as she got her first opportunity to use her acquired knowledge, she dove right in as a custom closet designer which led her to use many of her skills and pick up a few more in the process.


Benjamin was introduced to the construction industry at a very young age since his father was an electrician. He knew very early on that he wanted to become a contractor himself so he began his journey working for different contractors in different industries of construction and he quickly learned all of the trades. However, he struggled with the fact that most of his employers didn’t do things in the best way and he felt could do a much better job himself. He then decided to continue his education and start working towards becoming a general contractor. He soon realized the strengths he and his wife had together and they decided it was time to push through to the next stage in life and become business owners to really show people the right way to run a company.

In just a few years, Ben and Emily have grown their company so much in the construction industry by being hard-working, persistent and honest and they have set the company’s mission to be the same. Their goal is to always make sure the job gets done right and they follow through until the project is 100% complete. They have put together an amazing team of contractors and subcontractors that are some of the best in the industry. TriCounty now serves hundreds of families and businesses across the TriCounty area of South Florida.

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